We Moved!

October 18th the Hilscher family packed up their bags and moved into Des Moines. The new house looks like it belongs in Hogwarts and Narnia, with a flourishing backyard and large garden.

Now, I’ll go back to writing from my point of view (Ellie’s)…

The front lamp-post sits wonderful by the main doors and the hardwood floors creak wherever you go. All of us live there excluding me, but the cats have claimed the chair in my room to seek safety whenever there is a loud noise.

Now for some fun updates on the house. Grace chose the purple and orange room with the largest closet, and is now in the process of painting it white so she can decorate it. I (live at Drake currently) took the green room that’s smaller, overlooking the garden. The parents (of course) took the master bedroom, that’s wonderfully large enough for the cats to run everywhere in it!

Honey shifts between sleeping with me and Grace, and occasionally she’ll sleep with me in the attic. Oh, I need to mention that: We have this beautiful attic! Here’s a picture of it, including Honey who loves it:

It’s been a new and exciting time, and we’ve loved it so far! I can’t wait to see what they all do with the house. Halloween was an exciting time and we actually had WAY more children than expected. Have a good week everyone!