Welcome to the Hilscher’s Life

Welcome to the Hilscher’s website where we will update our life, along with videos created by Ellie Hilscher (oldest daughter). In our crazy little herd we have 4 people, plus the 3 intriguingly odd pets. The Hilscher story started long ago in the mists of a small village.. Wait wrong story. Also before I proceed, I shall let you know that these blogs will be written from many different point of views… Mostly Ellie though as she is in college and enjoys writing (ps. that’s me).

Anyways, let’s back up. Shannon Hilscher married my wonderful father, Jerome Hilscher back on July 8th, 1995. In 1998, I was born — and yes I have learned I was quite a handful. I grew up smashing my face full of sweet potatoes and trying to play with our cat at the time, Cleo. In 2001 my little sister Gracie was born, and boy did things change. My parents life took a whirlwind from the struggles of having one kiddo to the chaos of raising two… that were *gasp* both girls:

200w_d (5)

OK, granted my sister and I weren’t as evil as Louise from Bob’s Burgers, but we did fight quite a bit more than normal girls do (I think). After living in Stilwell, Kansas for around four-and-a-half years of my life my family decided to move to Iowa. This is where our stories will begin. I will give a quick current run down of the living situation:

  • Jerome, Shannon, and Grace: Live at home lounging in the wonderful 8 foot long bean bag couch, with three pets running around.
  • Ellie: Lives in a single dorm room where she can sleep as much as she wants.

Before I end this blog though I must mention our beloved pets. Tiger is an 11 year old, husky little chunky cat that takes on Queen Cersei’s attitude from The Game of Thrones. Mr. Jingles is a 9 year old persian mixed with ragdoll. He’s very… flamboyant. Last but not least we have Honey, also known as Honey buns, Bear, The Hunster, etc. She’s our 8 year old yellow lab that we’ve known since she was 3 days old. Now you have the run down of our family, welcome to our exciting life.

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Stay tuned for more.